• Coolidge


    Distinctly figured, Coolidge’s blown glass pays homage to a storied Roman symbol. Renowned for their innovative designs and engineering feats, ancient Romans lauded the cooperation and achievement implied by the lantern’s hanging beehive shape. Our attention to detail draws from these venerable forbearers by extending the signature hive motif across the fixture’s cast finial and canopy.

  • Chandeliers


    The showstopper. The breathtaker. The envymaker. Chandeliers are the rock stars of the lighting world. When people think of electric lighting, often, it’s chandeliers they are thinking of. Beaming out the most light, glamorous and glittering, chandeliers set the stage in the home’s entryway, hang over the dinner table, and suspend from a high vaulted ceiling over the living room, lending elegance and illumination. Our chandeliers come in many different styles and finishes; whatever your taste is, we have one for you.

  • Project Planner

    Project Planner

    Get organized using our Project Planner. Gather specs on light fixtures for different rooms and make notes on them as you browse our collection. Save your project, come back to it anytime, and print it out when finished to share with your project team.

My mother had a passion for antiques and I was thrilled to be her partner in these 'treasure hunts.' Helping build her collection gave me an appreciation for beautiful things—for how beauty can transform your experience of the everyday.

—David Littman, Founder and CEO