Contract & Hospitality

Lawry's The Prime Rib
  • Lawry's The Prime Rib

    Lawry's The Prime Rib

    Chicago, IL

  • Loews Regency Hotel

    Loews Regency Hotel

    New York, NY
    Design, Meyer-Davis Stydio, Inc.
    Photography, Michael Kleinberg Photography

  • The Inn at Hastings Park

    The Inn at Hastings Park

    Lexington, MA
    Design, Robin Gannon Interiors
    Photography, Michael J. Lee

  • DRS and Associates

    DRS and Associates

    Studio City, CA

  • The Club at Melville

    The Club at Melville

    Melville, NY
    Phil Lehans

Over the past several years, Hudson Valley Lighting Contract & Hospitality division has evolved into a significant resource for designers and architects working on large scale commercial and hospitality projects.

From slightly-modified existing products to complete custom designs, Hudson Valley Lighting has developed the formula for making your project a success. Our qualified project managers oversee every detail during the design build or modification process, ensuring the proper design intent is achieved. During this process, our engineering staff and CAD department create detailed shop drawings, which are used to maintain design integrity. Considering this, it is easy to discern why prestigious and people-first hotels, retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, gyms, and yacht clubs all over the world have trusted us to bring their projects to fruition. With all these resources available, you can see why Hudson Valley Lighting is well suited to take on almost any challenge.

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